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These FAQs are intended to help you get to know us and to understand how fundings via aescuvest works.

In addition, we have put together a glossary for you to learn the meaning of financial terms used on our platform. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have additional questions or feel we should add content to the FAQs and/or glossary.

The most frequently asked questions about aescuvest

What formal requirements does my company have to fulfil to launch a funding campaign?
The formal requirement is that you as a company have established a corporation (GmbH or UG) with its registered office in Germany at the time of financing. Requirements for the business model are described in the chapter Corporate financing with aescuvest.
What does aescuvest charge for a funding campaign?
aescuvest receives commission payments from the initiators of projects depending on the financing volume as well as annual fees for the use of the platform over the term of financing. Our service is free of charge for investors.
What is the maximum amount I can finance with an aescuvest financing campaign
The legislator has established some relief for financing via internet platforms compared to the general rules of the Investment Act. In return, the maximum financing amount was limited to € 6 million.
What follow-up obligations arise for a company from the financing campaign?
In addition to fulfilling the payment obligations agreed in the loan agreement, the borrower is required to inform its investors regularly and promptly about the company's further development.
I don't have internet access. How can I grant a loan?
As a purely online platform, loans can also only be granted via this.
What co-determination rights do the investors receive?
In the case of participatory subordinated loans, all decision-making rights remain with the company. However, the project initiators have the option of integrating the competencies of their investors into decision-making processes via the investor relations channel and thus using them for their own benefit.

The most frequent questions from companies

Is aescuvest a bank?
No. We are neither a bank nor an investment advisor or financing broker. Aescuvest operates an online platform where entrepreneurs can present their business ideas to interested investors.
How is aescuvest financed?
Aescuvest receives commission payments from the initiators of the projects presented, depending on the financing volume, as well as annual fees for the use of the platform over the term of financing. Our service is free of charge for investors.
Does aescuvest check the presented companies and projects with regard to prospects of success, creditworthiness and reliability of the information provided?
The project initiators are solely responsible for the information provided on the projects. Aescuvest accepts no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information. However, in order to increase the security for the investors, the applicants go through a three-stage selection procedure in which the technical and business plausibility of the information provided is tested. However, this check does not constitute investment advice.  
What happens to my investments if aescuvest were to cease business operations?
If Aescuvest were to cease business operations before the term of investment has ended, the loan agreements would remain unaffected. The contracts are concluded between lender and borrower, Aescuvest only takes over their administration.
How does aescuvest ensure that investor data is protected and preserved?
Data transmissions to Aescuvest are always secured by an encrypted connection. This is ensured by our SSL certificate, which encodes your data with up to 256-bit (also recognizable by the green address line in your browser). In this way, we prevent the misuse of your data by unauthorized third parties. The data is stored on servers in Germany.

The most frequently asked questions from investors

Who can invest in aescuvest?
Private individuals and corporations with legal capacity and a domestic bank account can invest in aescuvest. To be able to invest, you must first register.
What data do I have to provide when investing?
The following data is collected during the investment process: Name, address, date of birth, landline or mobile phone number, e-mail address as well as a bank account from a credit institution located in Germany for which you have beneficial ownership.
Why do you need bank details?
Firstly, we need your bank details in order to promptly transfer the interest payments and redemption instalments from your investments back to you as soon as they become due. Secondly, it is important that you only transfer your investment amount from your specified bank account to the specified trust account. We are legally obliged not to accept investment amounts transferred from another account and will then transfer them back.
What costs and fees are incurred by investors?
Our service is free of charge for investors. Aescuvest receives commission payments from the initiators of projects depending on the financing volume as well as annual fees for the use of the platform over the term of financing.
Are my investments anonymous?
Your investments on Aescuvest are anonymous to other members. Your investment is not anonymous vis-à-vis the platform and the borrower.
By when do I have to transfer the invested amount?
After completing the investment on Aescuvest, the specified amount must be transferred to the escrow account within 3 working days. The money remains there until the minimum acceptance threshold of the project has been reached. If the amount is not transferred in time, the investment will be deleted. If the funding campaign period is still running and the target amount has not been exhausted, it is possible to make a new investment.
Can I withdraw from my investment?
Yes, the legal withdrawal period is 14 days.
Who manages the invested capital?
We work with the regulated payment processor SECUPAY to ensure secure processing for each investor. SECUPAY carries out the necessary transactions between capital investors and project developers. SECUPAY is a trustee and payment processor, ensuring secure and legally audited settlement of investment funds. SECUPAY works with the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen, which holds your money in trust.
What happens in the case of insolvency?
In the case of aescuvest's insolvency, your investment would not be affected at any time, as you do not make any payments to us. All payments from the investors to the project owners and vice versa go through a trust account. In the event of the insolvency of the trustee bank, your investment would also not be affected, as credit balances in escrow accounts of a trustee are not counted as part of the trustee's assets and are therefore protected. In the event of insolvency of the project owner before the minimum acceptance threshold is reached, your investment would not be affected because the investments are held in a trust account. After disbursement of the investments, your loan would be included in the insolvency estate and would only be serviced as a subordinated loan after the claims of the other creditors have been met. A total loss of the capital you have invested would therefore be possible. Please read the description of the risks in detail.
Who pays the interest and when do I receive it?
You will receive the interest according to the payment frequency defined in the project description. As a rule, you will receive the payments at the end of the interest year to the bank account you specified. Aescuvest coordinates the payments on behalf of the project sponsors. Claims from investments that you have against the project sponsors can be filed with Aescuvest.
Is the interest from the investment subject to tax?
Yes, the income from the investment is subject to general taxation. As part of your tax return, you must also declare the interest and bonus payments from the investment. For interest payments received, aescuvest automatically issues tax certificates for submission to your tax office. If you submit a non-assessment certificate, we can take this into account. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to store an exemption order in the system.
Can I sell, give away or bequeath my investment before the end of the investment period?
In general, it is possible to sell, give away or bequeath your investment. However, there is currently no market for public trading of investment units.
How can I delete my user account on aescuvest?
You can delete your user account on aescuvest at any time by text form. Simply send us a corresponding message by e-mail. If you are still involved in an ongoing investment with outstanding interest and redemption payments, it is only possible to close your account after the term of the investment has ended.