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The symbiosis between small and large investors

It is pointless to argue about the general advantages and disadvantages of various forms of financing or to judge whether a financial instrument is good or bad. Simply put, the financing must fit the situation in which a company finds itself.

Since its first campaign, aescuvest has had its own network of Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and Family Offices on board that invest with the crowd through the platform.

Benefits for business angels and venture capitalists:

  • Invest in companies that have passed the test of the critical and experienced aescuvest crowd with its high affinity with the health market.
  • Become a member of the European-wide network of leading health companies, organisations and research facilities and get incomparable access to innovative investment ideas.

Benefits for entrepreneurs:

  • Crowdfunding through aescuvest opens the path to larger financing rounds.
  • Benefit from the experience, support and networks of professional investors.

Benefits for crowdfunders:

  • Your company investment will be equipped with better financial resources and thus stand on a more solid foundation.
  • Anchor investors ensure that investor interests will be closely monitored.

The aescuvest model for co-financing

Some companies are concerned that one day the crowd could stand in the way of subsequent financing by a larger investor. The aescuvest co-financing model has institutional and crowd investors acting in concert right from the beginning:

The key points of the model:

  • Via equity, business angels and VCs invest for conditions that are identical to those of the crowd.
  • Success of the crowdfunding campaign is a contractually binding condition for business angels and venture capitalists to join the funding round.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the co-financing model or are interested in becoming a member of the aescuvest Venture Capital and Businss Angels Network.