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Until a few years ago, venture capital investments were largely limited to institutional money and wealthy individuals. These traditional market structures are being turned on their head by the internet. Through funding on aescuvest, everybody can place his or her money in the ideas and businesses of highly motivated founders, no matter whether they started their project in a garage, at university or within research facility environments. And here you can get on board right before the phase of potential high capital gains start and where chances for above-average returns are the greatest.

Fundings on aescuvest offer every individual the chance to make entrepreneurial investments in the health sector, a market that is full of opportunities. aescuvest is the platform that offers cross-border digital investments to all Europeans, with a tight focus on an extraordinarily innovative start-up scene, in an environment of rapid and sustainable growth, complemented with a positive impact on society.

And this is how funding works through aescuvest:

  • You decide which business ideas look promising and worth financing.
  • Make use of the intelligence of the people and include the appeal of a story to the aescuvest community in your decision process: 30% of investors on aescuvest are professionals working in health, another 30% are active in the financial sector.
  • Invest at least €500 to get a stake in an innovative business and make an essential contribution to a healthier life: Your money will work to improve well-being for everyone, instead of trickling away in manager salaries or the sales force bonuses of large corporations.
  • In parallel, you have the chance to make above-average returns that can be achieved through higher-risk capital investments.

Your benefits:

  • Potential of above-average return on investment, based on the growth prospects of innovative companies.
  • Only projects that have been screened and selected by our independent Investment Advisory Board will be presented on the platform.
  • Full participation in companies’ value development due to equity investments with investor-friendly exit scenarios.
  • No additonal payment liability in case of losses.
  • No fees for investors.

   A simple procedure:

  • Register free-of-charge to access in-depth information about the companies presented.
  • Select one or multiple investment ideas.
  • Get frequent updates on the development status of your investments.
  • All transactions are performed on a network of trust: Partner banks and financial institutions applying the highest security standards. 100% digital.