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Why surgeons love the Steerable Punch


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Shorter surgeries, faster recovery, lower costs

For arthroscopy, laparoscopy, robotic surgery and more!

Expected market value for our current instruments

€5.3 billion worldwide per year

Experienced team, patented technology

Designed by surgeons, for surgeons

At Surge-on Medical, we believe that surgeons can do more than current instruments allow. With this in mind, we have developed the next generation of minimally invasive surgical instruments. Through our cable-free platform technology, we created freedimensional instruments that provide better access to surgical areas and replace current pre-bent instrumentation. Surge-on Medical has been granted four international patents which make minimally invasive instruments steerable, detachable and cleanable.

Our first product, the Steerable Punch, is an arthroscopic cutter for knee surgery. We’re also developing an advanced laparoscopy line and a portable surgical robot (PoLaRS). All our instruments are based on our patented steerable and cable-free technology, with the potential to grow to more surgical areas to expand our market reach.


Surge-on Medical: From the Netherlands to Europe

Hello from Benno, Tim and Audry, from the Netherlands! These are exciting times for healthcare innovations. Every day you are reading about amazing new technologies and equipment that are solving issues that seemed insolvable only a few years ago.

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