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How ESYSTA works – perspectives for a better life

The challenge

Diabetes mellitus is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world and a real burden on our societies. It is a global epidemic disease, often compared to a tsunami. At the same time, demographic developments and a shortage of specialists are creating a negative trend and endangering the provision of care on an area-wide basis. Diabetes mellitus is a diagnosis that requires close care and maintenance to keep the medical consequences for patients and the health systems under control.

The solution

Based on the innovative digital ecosystem ESYSTA, consisting of hardware – ESYSTA smart insulin pen, blood glucose meter and base station – and software – ESYSTA APP and ESYSTA Portal for the patient, their relatives and service provider, Emperra offers the unique possibility of automatically combining all relevant data, including insulin administration and glucose measurement, in one central cloud solution. At the same time, it provides the user, namely patients and physicians, with simple overviews and key learnings out of the condensed data. Based on this data, the physician can optimally adapt the therapy at any time and give the patient recommendations for action. The patient measures and injects insulin as usual, and in the background, the data will be used to improve their therapy individually based on the patient’s requirements. According to an economic health study published in 2018, savings of up to €1,238 per patient per year can be achieved if patients with diabetes use the system to manage their diabetes.

The specialty

Thanks to the assured and unique data quality, the ESYSTA system is a certified medical product on all levels and is the reliable basis for telemedical consultations and coaching approaches. Through the ESYSTA interface (API), the system not only is open to be enriched by other external data sources but can also supply insights into external data solutions such as medical records. Therefore, the current ecosystem is going to be developed into a diabetes platform, offering additional embedded 3rd party services and products to create the best value propositions for patients, health care professionals and other stakeholders. The future Virtual Diabetes Center in Karlsburg is the next consequent step to use the platform as an AI-supported diabetes center approach leveraging the available data to create a personalized care portfolio and therapy adherence facilitator.

The capital requirement

EMPERRA GmbH intends to raise a total of €14 million for its R&D activities as well as its software and hardware development, and to promote the establishment of the Virtual Diabetes Center for patients with diabetes mellitus throughout Germany with the potential to expand internationally. Up to €5 million shall be raised via LOIs have been signed with state entities that will mirror the privately raised funds with public sector investments like non-dilutive grants and loans.

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