Fighting the diabetes pandemic with a telemedicine solution

Watch Pitch Video. EMPERRA offers a solution for the diabetes pandemic

Quick Facts

Type of Investment: Profit participation certificates
Venture Category Digital Health
Investments so far 20,000,000.00 €
Business Phase Sales Expansion

+ Profit-sharing after successful sale by auction
Pre-money valuation 30,312,401.04 €
Equity offered 13,79%

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Why invest in Emperra?

Emperra is a global pioneer of digital diabetes management solutions for the recording, monitoring and evaluation of diabetes treatment.

aesc_1200_emperra_01_highlight_01_grafik-performance_desktop €129,948.15 (18,65% p.a.) €49,720.17 (22,20% p.a.) 1 15 8 Years Total loss €33,894.72 (8,48% p.a.) €23,229.02 (11,11% p.a.) Total loss 1 8 15 Years Total loss Total loss Total loss 15 8 Years 1 Investment € 10,000 *according to the performance scenario in the Basic Information on the securities issue (PRIIP KID) Stress scenario / Unfavourable scenario Moderate scenario Favourable scenario Emperra performance scenarios*
aesc_375_emperra_01_highlight_01_grafik-performance_mobil Total loss Total loss Total loss 1 15 8 Years €129,948.15 (18,65% p.a.) €49,720.17 (22,20% p.a) 1 15 8 Years Total loss €33,894.72 (8,48% p.a.) €23,229.02 (11,11% p.a.) Total loss 1 15 8 Years Investment € 10,000 Stress scenario / Unfavourable scenario Moderate scenario Favourable scenario *according to the performance scenario in the Basic Information on the securities issue (PRIIP KID) Advertisement – This advertisement is based on a securities prospectus Emperra performance scenarios*

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Emperra Team

Dr. med. Janko Schildt

CEO & Founder


One of the founders of Emperra E-Health Technologies GmbH. Janko is in charge of the scientific development and improvement of ESYSTA. He has a PhD in medicine and has published numerous essays in the field of e-health.

Jens-Florian Krieg



The team all-rounder with a focus on finance has a Diploma in Economics and has experience in finance, general management, investor relations, marketing, procurement, logistics and operations. He has worked with SMEs and tech-startups in the USA, Australia, China & other Asian countries.

Dr. med. Markus Bentrup



As Head of Product Development, Markus played a decisive role in establishing Emperra’s quality management system and was responsible for bringing the product portfolio to market. He has a degree in medicine and a PhD in cell physiology.

Advisory Board

Dr. Klaus Stöckemann

Chairman – Peppermint VenturePartners


Managing Director & Co-Founder at Peppermint VenturePartners. Former Partner at 3i plc and Senior Manager Office of Technology/Business Development at Schering AG

Bent Johnsen

Industry Expert – Novo Nordisk


Senior Advisor at Novo Nordisk

Dr. Fred Schaebsdau – Abbott, Dexcom, Roche

Industry Expert


SVP Global Strategy and Strategic Alliances at Nemaura Medical Inc. Former General Manager at Dexcom, Head of Global Strategy and Business Development at Roche and Senior Director at Abbott Laboratories

Dr. Angelika Vlachou – ILB

Venture Capitalist


Senior Investment Manager at Brandenburg Kapital GmbH

Steven Anderson – CEO GPE Group

MedTech & Health Expert

Vice President Sales and Marketing S,A,G at Cardinal Health GmbH

The ESYSTA ecosystem – fighting the diabetes pandemic with a telemedicine solution

The ESYSTA ecosystem

Emperra has created a digital, holistic diabetes solution for the best possible management of diabetes data. It’s easy to use for patients and medical personnel alike, records all important data, and makes that data and distilled information accessible for treatment – 24/7, digital, everywhere.

Smart devices register all important treatment data. Since manual diary entries are no longer necessary, the patients can focus on their therapy. The ESYSTA technology combines and processes the data and makes them available for the patient and simultaneously to the responsible physician or diabetologist in charge.

Thanks to reliable data, successful treatment is no longer a gamble. It is scientifically proven that Emperra diabetes management can reduce the risk of serious and costly secondary diseases. And there is also proof that this technology reduces the financial burden on the healthcare sector as well as society as a whole.

The ecosystem as the backbone is currently being developed into a diabetes management platform to pool internal and external partners’ expertise and to intelligently compile existing offers and supplements while coordinating and improving them with the aim of optimizing current care concepts.

Advantages of the ESYSTA Platform 

  • 360° system: ESYSTA combines all devices required for diabetes treatment and unites all stakeholders on one platform.
  • eHealth: ESYSTA already allows for comprehensive and safe remote treatment of diabetes patients.
  • Safe: All ESYSTA products are certified medical devices in accordance with the ISO 13485 quality standard embedded in an ISO 27001 approved data and information security environment.
  • Ready to use: As it is extremely easy to handle, ESYSTA can be used right out of the box by diabetes patients in every age group.
  • Technology: The world’s first smart insulin pen for all common insulin types, multiple granted patents, ESYSTA treatment data algorithm, integration of AI.