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Digitalisation has the potential to genuinely improve the provision of healthcare in Germany. However, until recently, the integration of digital solutions was possible to only a very limited extent due to the general parameters of the German healthcare system. The German Digital Healthcare Act (Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz, DVG) has now created conditions that do justice to the dynamism of digital transformation and the speed of its processes. Nowadays, most people would already struggle to imagine a medical sector that did not employ digital solutions – with these only becoming even more significant in light of future digitalisation measures.

Multiple challenges to the healthcare system require a new way of thinking

We are seeing more and more evidence for the fact that there is a real need to rethink or reassess our approach to healthcare. This is the only way to successfully combat new challenges such as demographic change, the increasing number of chronic diseases or insufficient access to healthcare providers in some of the more rural areas. In addition, the necessity to improve approaches to health data for more efficient care and treatment constitute a further challenge.

Digital care and treatment measures ensure savings while maintaining the same treatment quality

Digital care and treatment have a variety of potential uses. We present two such examples in the following:

  1. The ability to process large quantities of data with AI-based systems can significantly support individual treatment. It can also help to avoid costs created by inefficient treatment measures.
  2. Remote treatment, facilitated through digital approaches, can enable patients to receive their treatment and care at home. This reduces the costs of inpatient treatment measures while simultaneously providing the same degree of quality as face-to-face care – as long as the digital solutions are applied professionally.

The DVG is creating a solid economical foundation for sustainable investments

Investors have naturally long recognised that there is no alternative to a digitalisation of the healthcare sector. So why is it that the DVG is now triggering additional investments? Thanks to the regulated and comprehensive reimbursement policy for digital healthcare applications (DiGA), this business segment now has a stable economical foundation as the cost of apps that are officially recognised as DiGAs will now be reimbursed by public health insurance providers. As a result, the development of these apps now has a significantly securer economic footing than before.

Therefore, products with a high potential to be recognised as DiGAs by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte, BfArM) constitute a sustainable investment option, because public health insurance providers are required by law to reimburse only these digital products in order to comply with the DVG.

Emperra’s leading edge in digital healthcare applications (DiGA)

As a research- and innovation-oriented business, Emperra GmbH from Potsdam near Berlin (Germany) recognised the necessity to integrate digital solutions ahead of time and, thanks to its technological advantage, already fulfils the general conditions for implementing ESYSTA as a DiGA. The business is currently undergoing the BfArM assessment process for its innovative ESYSTA app with incorporated portal interface for patients with diabetes. Once included in the DiGA catalogue, Emperra will be able to start marketing the ESYSTA app to diabetes patients.

And: Emperra’s leading edge in holistic digital care solutions

What really distinguishes Emperra is that the ESYSTA app is embedded in a portfolio of smart devices designed for complete and entire diabetes treatment. This holistic system is extremely attractive for diabetes patients as it automatically registers all relevant treatment data such as blood glucose and insulin levels and makes them available to the ESYSTA DiGA. Thanks to this innovative approach, diabetes patients can easily monitor their values and adapt their treatment accordingly. Or in short, digitally manage their diabetes.

Investors find this digital solution highly interesting as it combines both hardware and software components and therefore offers revenue potentials along the entire value chain.

Smart investments

Are you also interested in financially harnessing the potential of a digitalised healthcare system? Then invest in Emperra today on the digital venture capital platform Aescuvest.