These days, health experts from around the world are gathering in San Francisco for the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. However, what is today known as not only the biggest industry event but probably the biggest capital markets event at all, began in 1983 with just 20 companies and about 200 attendees focused on the biotech industry.

A lot has changed since the conference’s humble beginnings. This week, the 38th edition of the conference kicks off at the Westin St. Francis Hotel, bringing together thousands of investors from around the world. The event will be held from January 13-16 and attract more than 9,000 attendees and more than 450 public and private companies. Players across the value chain, ranging from emerging fast-growth companies to those with more than USD 300 billion in market cap, will address today’s health challenges and tomorrow’s, discuss trends and what the future holds for the $3.5 trillion health sector.

According to J.P. Morgan, these companies “encompass the entire global healthcare landscape that includes pharmaceuticals, healthcare service providers, profit and not-for-profits, and medical device companies”. And what’s more, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference even triggers countless other events that have been attached to the visitor magnet.

Unfortunately, the conference is exclusively for clients of the firm – by invitation only. So what’s in for every Tom, Dick and Harry who don’t run a platinum bank account at the biggest bank of the US? Well, just have a look at their website and discover what the researchers of J.P. Morgan believe to be the hot topics for the industry. And even though the US health market mechanisms very often differ tremendously from those in Europe, it is of course a highly attractive sales region, even for start-ups. And when it comes to innovation and technology, it goes for the healthcare sector as well that all eyes turn westwards.

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