EIT Health is one of the world’s largest healthcare initiatives. Their goal is to sustainably advance the fundamentals of healthcare and thus promote suitable future conditions for healthy living, active ageing, and the improved well-being of people across Europe. EIT Health leverages the expertise of around 150 member organisations from pharma, medtech fields, payers, research institutions, universities, etc., and offers a broad variety of supporting programmes across Europe. The majority of start-ups in this industry eventually become involved in one of EIT Health’s initiatives.

When innovative healthcare SMEs and start-ups have developed their idea and begun to market it, EIT Health aims to help these entrepreneurs continue growing. Funding is usually a key issue in this phase. This is where Aescuvest.eu comes in.

Companies are referred to the platform where they can file an application for review by an independent Investment Committee (IC).The IC are professionals with long-standing expertise in the fields of healthcare, finance, and law. Their assessment is key for project approval. Their decisions are always followed by a market analysis by our investment management team who carefully weigh the pros and cons. A “no” from the IC is binding and final, regardless of the reason. Once the company has overcome these first two hurdles, they have to fill a data room with complete documentation of the company’s development from day one. This, again, is carefully reviewed by the investment management team. Meanwhile, the company has to present an independent valuation opinion that is challenged by an auditor.

Provided no obstacles are encountered, the company together with its legal partners start drafting the Prospectus according to a standard structure defined by the European prospectus regime for public offerings. The Prospectus has then to be approved by a national financial authority. Once a Prospectus has been approved in an EU country it is valid throughout the whole EU.

The next email will provide you some key facts that thoroughly expound the extraordinary economic potential of the health sector.

Opening offer: the minimum investment amount is €500 in the introduction phase. From January 1, 2020 the minimum investment will be increased to €1,000.

How to Invest in Healthcare?

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