Until a few years ago, venture capital investments were largely limited to institutional money and wealthy individuals. These traditional market structures are being turned on their heads by the internet. Everybody can now invest in the ideas and businesses of highly motivated founders, no matter whether the project was started in a garage, at university, or within a research facility environment. Get on board now, right before the phase of potential high capital gains starts and where chances for above-average returns are the greatest.

Offerings listed on Aescuvest.eu have gone through an in-depth vetting and preparation process. One of our unique features is an independent investment committee of experts with professional backgrounds in the fields of healthcare, finance, and law. They vet the applications to our platform thoroughly and pose a big hurdle to overcome in the initial screening process. The securities issuance is based on a Prospectus that has been approved by the European Financial Services Authority.

These are some of the benefits Aescuvest.eu offers you:

  • Invest in an industry that takes advantage of developments driven by a demand relatively independent of economic cycles. Steadily rising demand stems from the ageing of European society and by the increasing wealth in emerging countries.
  • Benefit from the dynamics of an industry that is the primary economic engine and innovation driver in Europe.
  • Invest in companies that have their fastest growth phase ahead of them – an above-average Yield potential with a concomitant higher risk of loss.
  • The investment structure is built to fully participate with the value development of your investment goals.

If you have any further questions, please see the summary of FAQs on our website. These are intended to help you get to know us better and to understand how the funding process via Aescuvest.eu works. You can also reach out to us through our contact form or by using the chat function on our website. We respond to all enquiries very rapidly.

Opening offer: the minimum investment amount is €500 in the introduction phase. From January 1, 2020 the minimum investment will be increased to €1,000.

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