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An unconventional review of the year

Let us first look at what the mainstream was interested in during the past 12 months focusing on Germany by analyzing Google Trends:

1. The top 3 keywords in Google search where the EM 2021, the German Federal Election 2021 and COVID.
2. The questions most asked to Google: Why is WhatsApp not working? Why did Dieter Bohlen leave the German show DSDS or how much does a PCR-Test cost?
3. People also went to consult with Google to find out how old the Queen is, how long a Quick-Test is valid for and how long a PCR-Test takes to be ready.

The trend is your friend

There is plenty of advice in the sector of investment: do not put all your eggs in one basket! Invest in companies that you understand! Time in the market beats timing the market! But today we want to focus on one wisdom that got attention after – like most stock exchange advice – Warren Buffet mentioned it: The trend is your friend!

Digital Health Trend No. 1: Provider Directories & Care Navigation

Alma makes it easy to find high quality, affordable mental health care. They basically offer a network of healthcare professionals and connect them conveniently with clients in a smart and efficient manner. Finding the right healthcare practitioner is getting more and more difficult in a world of an increasing number of professionals. Alma closed both their Series B as well as their Series C rounds in 2021! The investors that got into the business back in 2018 in their first seed round had a good year.

Digital Health Trend No. 2: Hybrid Virtual / In-Person Care

Eleanor Health provides comprehensive mental health and substance use care, virtually or in clinics and patient’s homes. They closed their Series B in 2021 with a total funding amount of now $32 Mio.

Digital Health Trend No. 3: Digital Therapeutics and Self-Help Tools

Sweetch is a Jerusalem-based start-up that uses artificial intelligence for large-scale prediction, prevention, and outcome improvement. Their value proposition: “outsmarting chronic conditions”. Their funding in 2021: +$20 Mio.
Next to Sweetch there are several other start-ups in this sector that are showing impressive progress in the last months.

Digital Health Trend No. 4: Screening, Monitoring & Diagnostics

Lumen is intending to hack your metabolism with a device – “enhance fat burn, lose weight & boost energy naturally” is their added value. The device comes with a mobile application to process data and gives individual advice on nutrition and fitness. In 2018 Lumen started with equity crowdfunding and now closed their Series B round with a total funding amount of $17 Mio.

Digital Health Trend No. 5: Data Integration and Analytics

Komodo Health is creating a “Healthcare Map” powered by extraordinary amounts of data and innovative algorithms for the US healthcare system. Komodo raised an impressive funding amount of $314 Mio. during 6 funding rounds with the seed round closed back in 2015 by a single angel investor – lucky man.

Digital Health Trend No. 6: Virtual Care

Jasper is a digital companion that helps cancer patients to dealt with their condition: a one-stop-shop for all matters regarding living with and fighting against cancer. In 2021 Jasper closed their seed funding with $6,8 Mio invested.

Digital Health Trend No. 7: Digital Pharmacy

At Tomorrow Health it is believed that the care-at-home experience for patients can be improved. The company is intending to streamline the process of ordering home medical equipment and supplies. Investors like the concept and poured in a total of $32,5 Mio. in two funding rounds.

Digital Health Trend No. 8: Clinical Trials Tech

Curebase enables participation in clinical data collection from anywhere: local clinics, mobile care, telehealth, pharmacies of more. Clinical trials have been a costly and timely endeavor in the past – companies like Curebase are intending to drive down cost by automating processes and letting code work for you. In 2021 Curebase managed to close the Series A round with now $17,6 Mio. of investment locked in the digital health start-up.

Looking back to have a view for the future

At Aescuvest investors are putting their money into the next big trends – because trends are our friends, as we have learned earlier. The healthcare industry is becoming more and more a tech-driven industry like most other sectors as well. Technology has been with humanity since our first day on this earth – it just changes its shape over and over. The steam engine used to be technology back in the 19th century and people that invested in the technology reaped the benefits. The first home computers were tech at the end of the 20th century and the invention made a lot of people rich. Now everything code-related is tech and again, more than ever, there is a huge wealth creating happening. The only question is if you are taking part in it or waiting on the sideline.

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