Product Sales

The most obvious revenue stream is our product portfolio. The current (and ever-expanding) product pipeline consists of two hand-held instruments, plus we are working on a surgical robotic system and a VR training module:

  1. With the Steerable Punch, we are tackling arthroscopy, a field with an entry market of EUR 273 million.
  2. The Steerable Grasper on the other hand is the first multi-steerable instrument of our advanced laparoscopic surgery line. The functional models of our Steerable Grasper for laparoscopy have been successfully tested in cadavers, and the Steerable Grasper will be further developed and tested in 2020. The entry market here amounts to EUR 1.8 billion.
  3. The above brings us to the field of robotic surgery and the Portable Laparoscopy Robot System (PoLaRS) we have come up with, the first portable and modular surgery robot that also comes at a low cost. On top of that, we are developing a virtual reality training system for robotic surgery, the interactive PoLaRS-VR training module. We will continue with the research and development of PoLaRS and testing of the PoLaRS-VR in 2020-2021. The entry market here totals EUR 3.2 billion.

Sales are conducted mainly through international distributors, and also through direct sales to hospitals. We have sold the first demos at full price, and multiple distributors are ready to add our products to their portfolio. For example, the Steerable Punch replaces up to ten conventional pre-bent instruments used in arthroscopic surgery and sells for EUR 2,500 apiece.

IP Licenses

Our strong patent portfolio is also the start of numerous applications both inside and outside healthcare. We have the first companies interested in obtaining non-exclusive licenses for specialized applications. Especially in the robotic area, our steerable, cable-free and cleanable surgical instruments are particularly appealing since they are designed to comply with the FDA and CE guidelines for cleanable and reusable instruments, and they are compatible with the robotic arms of current surgical robots.

Contract Research

To increase the product portfolio, leverage the IP license income, and stay close to market developments, Surge-on Medical can conduct contract research for strategic partners. Through contract research, we are already generating revenues in the US. Do you have an application to which our cable-free steerable technology would add extra value? If so, get in touch with us and our R&D team will study its compatibility and adapt it to your needs.

As you can see, diversification will be key to our success. Do you have any questions regarding our business model? Feel free to ask us anything!

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