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What has happened so far: a smart revolution triggered by the ESYSTA Pen

The ESYSTA Pen, the world’s first smart insulin pen, has already been on the market for six years. The ESYSTA Pen is “smart” because it automatically documents its use. Or in other words, it documents when a patient injected insulin and how much was injected. Prior to the launch of the ESYSTA Pen, diabetes patients were required to document these data by hand. Even today, the ESYSTA Pen is still protected through numerous patents. Thanks to the high number of well-thought-out details, it has become an indispensable companion in the lives of diabetes patients who require insulin.

What is happening now: new developments, new experiences, new options

A lot has happened since the ESYSTA Pen first hit the market. The technology has been further developed and now offers new opportunities for smart insulin pens. These include the possibility to implement new features while simultaneously reducing production costs. And new policies now also support digital care options for diabetes patients. All these factors result in new financing models for our smart insulin pen. Not the least because many patients already use the ESYSTA Pen. Their valuable feedback will be considered in future developments. In addition, the market surveys commissioned by Emperra are yielding their results: as the first provider of this type of digital pen, Emperra was able to conduct earlier and more comprehensive studies than other businesses in the diabetes segment.

Furthermore, the development of the ESYSTA Pen 2.0 is based on an additional factor that deserves its own explicit mention:

Of great importance for international expansion: taking the needs of the US market into consideration

It is no secret that Emperra wants to make its mark on the US market. In preparation for this move, first user tests have already been conducted in the USA. The respective results will lead the way for the ESYSTA Pen 2.0.

What some might find surprising is that insulin pens are not as widespread on the US market in comparison to the European market. American diabetes patients frequently administer their insulin using traditional syringes. As a result, they are often not familiar with the basic handling of insulin pens. With the focus being on this target group, handling of the ESYSTA Pen 2.0 will therefore be considerably easier. The aim is that untrained insulin pen novices will be able to intuitively use the pen – both American as well as European users. Therefore, purely digital sales channels, with the benefit of improved user conversion, will be implemented in these new markets.

What changes can you expect? In the following, we will present a few examples from our current planning schedule.

The ESYSTA Pen 2.0 will

  • be fundamentally easier to use.
  • be compatible with all standard insulins without the need for a one-way adapter.
  • monitor the storage temperature of the temperature-sensitive insulin.
  • simplify injecting through power assistance.
  • automatically recognise the difference between air shots (of the syringes) and injection.
  • make reading the results in the dark easier due to a self-illuminating display.

What will remain unchanged? Success factors that will be retained.

The ESYSTA Pen 2.0 will

  • automatically document insulin treatment.
  • remain a component of the ESYSTA System.
  • be compatible with all standard insulins.
  • recognise automatic air shots each time the vial is changed.
  • contactlessly and digitally register the injected dose through the patented magnet sensor technology.

Because looks matter: a new design

An insulin pen is a constant companion of a diabetes patient. It might be used up to six times in a 24-hour period. A functional and aesthetically pleasing design is therefore a very important factor. In private but more importantly when friends, acquaintances or family members see the pen for the first time. Therefore, Emperra consciously attaches a high degree of importance to the design of the ESYSTA Pen 2.0.

Invest today in the future of digital diabetes management.

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