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The 3 key-points of start-up investing

As an Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist or simply someone who wants to put some money into a promising start-up, you should always respect the basic rules of start-up investing. In this realm there are some special rules that do not apply to full extent in stock investments. A public company comes with full balance sheets, ranging years back, extensive records from accountants and a proven company track record. Start-ups are different. If public companies are adults, start-ups are not even teenagers yet.

Today we are going to take a closer look at how MOWOOT managed to tick all the boxes and pass Aescuvest’s strict due diligence.

The only medication without side effects is no medication

Over 250 Mio. patients in Europe and the USA are suffering from digestive issues and constipation and 83% of them are actively looking for a better alternative to laxatives. Why? Because the regular use of laxatives might help against constipation in the first place but is causing severe side-effects down the road! Intestinal paralysis, cathartic colon, lazy bowels, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis – just to name a few. What is the solution to medication side effects? Exactly – no medication!

Problem-solution-fit ✅

Basically there is almost one quarter of the general population suffering from constipation while only 70% of them are seeking medical help. No one enjoys digestive problems and going to the toilet 3 times per week of less can lead to serious health problems. Besides medication there is an alternative: manual therapy.

The abdominal massage is a scientifically proven treatment to fight chronic constipation. The downside is, that you would need a daily session of 20 minutes with a therapist which can get quite costly in terms of money and time.

The solution is MOWOOT: a natural and non-invasive treatment inspired by the professional abdominal massage of therapists to solve constipation.

Market Size ✅

As mentioned before, the total addressable market for patients suffering constipation is huge and the serviceable addressable market is still a big chunk of it – 83% of 250 Mio. MOWOOT is ready for an European expansion and has plans in place for a global rollout sooner or later.

The Team ✅

The people behind MOWOOT are experts in their fields with medical as well as entrepreneurial backgrounds. Evaluating the team behind a start-up, it is especially important that the founders know their market. Dr. Markus Wilhelms is bringing 15 years of international experience in the field of intestinal health into the founding team.

Find the problem-solvers!

Entrepreneurship at its core means solving problems of the society and thus generating an added value. If a start-up is solving a real-world problem in a big enough market with an expert team, chances are high that it will succeed. In a nutshell, this is why Aescuvest chose to open MOWOOT’S investment campaign to the public.

Invest in MOWOOT