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A diabetes diary is the most important source of data for successful diabetes treatment. Diabetes patients are required to enter their values in these diaries daily, sometimes up to 6 times a day. Gaps, mistakes or errors can complicate treatment. Alarmingly, however, meticulously kept diabetes diaries are a rarity.

ESYSTA is the diabetes diary that manages itself

The ESYSTA System is an alternative to a pen-and-paper diary: it automatically and digitally manages the diabetes diary. The only thing that patients need to do is to use ESYSTA devices or ESYSTA-compatible devices to automatically register, save and process all relevant values. After receiving the patient’s written consent, doctors can also access these values.

Short overview of how the ESYSTA System works

The basic idea behind the ESYSTA System is simple: in their daily use, smart devices automatically register all relevant data and transfer them to the digital diabetes diary.

The user has numerous potential options to choose from. ESYSTA offers: the insulin pens ESYSTA Pen and ESYSTA Bluetooth Pen and the blood glucose meter ESYSTA Lab. Bluetooth-based blood glucose meters that are compatible with the ESYSTA System can also be used. If the values are not transferred via Bluetooth, the native ESYSTA Basis ensures a secure data transfer.

Detailed information on the individual components of the ESYSTA Systems and their functions can be found here:

Advantages of the ESYSTA Systems for diabetes patients

  • Automatic: The values in the patient’s diabetes diary are always complete and accurate – with no additional effort.
  • Helpful: If desired, the algorithm-controlled Assistant in the ESYSTA App can help to avoid application errors and helps to repeat successes.
  • Connective: Patients can share their ESYSTA diabetes diary with their care team, allowing them to adapt the treatment accordingly. Thanks to the reliable data, many questions can be resolved on the phone. 
  • User-friendly: The ESYSTA System is easy to operate and can be used out of the box within minutes. And where desired even entirely without a smartphone.

Advantages of the ESYSTA System for the treatment teams

  • Effective: With ESYSTA, an increased HbA1c value of type 2 diabetes patients is reduced by 2 %. This was proven in a study conducted with more than 200 patients in cooperation with a health insurance provider and the Technical University Dresden.
  • Medical devices: All ESYSTA devices, the ESYSTA Portal and the ESYSTA App are certified medical devices in accordance with the guideline 93/42/EWG (Medical Device Directive, MDD). Their costs are reimbursed by all health insurance providers. Based on their data, doctors can make legally secured treatment suggestions.
  • Efficient: The values in the patients’ diabetes diaries are always up-to-date, accurate, reliable, and presented clearly. Successes as well as application errors are immediately identifiable. Some appointments can therefore be replaced by e.g. telephone calls.
  • Secure: ESYSTA fulfils the highest IT standard ISO/IEC 27001. All data collected through ESYSTA are encrypted and transferred to high-security servers in Germany, where they are stored.

Benefit from the advantages of the ESYSTA Systems today

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