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Where money flows, energy goes. A statement that is absolutely valid, especially since the scientific revolutions during the 16th and 17th centuries that led to a major shift in our society’s mindset: humans started to admit that they actually know very little about their material world and started researching heavily instead of interpreting everything as a “sign from god”. 
Nowadays, in the 21st century, it seems like we have incorporated this scientific approach to our life fully in our minds and the world is ruled by scientific discoveries and innovations – all driven by money. This is where Impact Investment comes into play.

Definition of Impact Investment:

Impact investments are sustainable investments with the goal of combining financial return and social impact. 

  1. Intention to achieve positive social impact

Impact Investments aim to provide either a social or ecological influence into our society.

  1. Use of data for investment strategy

The investments into businesses that have a positive impact on our world are highly dependent on data processing to establish rigid parameters that evaluate an investment as “sustainable” or “socially responsible”.

  1. Managing impact performance

Down the road, capital invested in companies with an impact needs to be watched over carefully to ensure that the businesses are playing by the rules of Impact Investments.

  1. Contribution to the growth of impact investments

Lastly, another key characteristic of capital invested for impact purposes is to make those investments grow even more.

The influence of the UN Sustainability Goals on our economy

The UN has defined Sustainability Development Goals in 2015 with the goal of ensuring socially, economically and ecologically sustainability in a world-wide scale. An impact investment should contribute to achieving at least one of the goals.

Good health and well-being is defined as the 3rd goal in the ranking that includes a total of 169 sub-goals that the UN wants to reach until 2030.

To achieve those goals the UN is taking appropriate steps, encouraging the economy to invest in all related businesses and ventures and supporting with UN funds as well. As an investor this could be another reason for less risk in your investment since you are having big institutions like the UN and with that basically states backing the companies your impact investment is flowing to.

How to make an impact AND big returns

Over 66% of investors would invest in a fund that offers environmental impact and attractive returns – but only 22% think such an investment solution exists in the market. This is no coincidence: Until now, there have been relatively few offerings that combined impact and return while also meeting the level of risk appetite of investors.

Now investment funds and insurance companies are starting to adapt the demand of the market, offering investment vehicles with proven parameters that are aligned with ESG goals. But the ESG indicators provide indications; they have no direct influence on a sustainable orientation of the companies in their core business. Investing in funds like this as an Impact Investor is like shooting with a shotgun: you will hit the target – but very inaccurately.

Why Venture Capital is an alternative

As an investor in a start-up you can pick exactly what impact you want to make with your money. It is the sniper of  Impact Investing compared to ESG funds.
With Aescuvest you are investing in the UN SDG 3: good health and well-being. All our investment opportunities are directly targeting this goal while simultaneously combining this with the potential for big financial returns, capping the risk by thoroughly analysing all our start-ups before we take them on.
If you are investing your money somehow into the economy, you are already one step ahead of all the people spending money only on consumption. Now if you also put that money to work for you and for the planet or the society at large, you are truly an Impact Investor.

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