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Founder & CEO Dr. Patrick Pfeffer and Co-Founder Jörg Diehl of Aescuvest, discuss the new business model of the company.   

The firm once started off as a crowd investing Fintech, and recently has evolved to being a deal-by- deal-platform dedicated to providing smart money to aspiring digital health companies across Europe. Dr. Patrick Pfeffer and Jörg Diehl, discuss the reasons behind the strategic shift of the company.  

Why is Aescuvest focusing on providing so called ‘smart money’ to digital health startups across Europe, versus continuing to conduct public financing campaigns as in previous years?  

Patrick Pfeffer: Aescuvest started off in 2014 to innovate the concept of equity investing by providing an easy-to-use platform to invest smaller amounts of money into promising digital healthcare startups. We very successfully ran crowd investing campaigns and helped a lot of founders and management teams to get their concepts off the ground.  

However, in recent years we realized that our investor community has evolved to being a community of healthcare experts, from various verticals, and with very deep industry expertise, across borders and even continents. Simply put, we found ourselves having gathered quite a bit of ‘smart’ money around our original business concept.  

And we decided to leverage this healthcare expertise in the interest of our investee companies to help them accelerate their path to commercialization, by not only providing them the necessary capital to achieve their next business milestones, but also give them access to industry expertise. In short, we aim to team up with our investors to be active, smart investors, rather than ‘just’ provide financing.  

So, what is new at Aescuvest? 

Jörg Diehl: Basically, we re-bundled our offering to investors, and we stopped doing public crowd-investing campaigns.  

Instead, we carefully pre-select digital health companies across Europe, according to our tested criteria, and we introduce these opportunities to a select circle of interested international healthcare investors. Depending on the investment appetite of business angels, family offices, serial entrepreneurs, and corporates, we offer various service levels which are differentiated along the needs of these different groups: bespoke, customized services for corporates, exclusive investment opportunities for our 10xHealth Investment Club Members, and an individualized service package for our Aescuvest PRO investors.  

We also recently acquired a company that enables us to set up SPVs as a Service, which is another service capacity we are currently building.   

What did not change? 

Patrick Pfeffer: Our DNA as a digital health investor.  

We continue to believe in the future of digitalized healthcare provision, which enables us to improve clinical processes, boost patient outcomes and provide personalized medicine to prevent disease rather than to cure sickness. We still are providing promising digital health entrepreneurs access to early-stage capital, but on top we are also offering them access to unparalleled industry expertise. Our healthcare-interested investors can build their individual portfolio of digital healthcare assets, easy, transparent, no strings attached.  

For more information about the Aescuvest services, please contact us.


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