Investments are made via a special purpose vehicle (SPV). Each start-up has its own SPV. The SPV bundles all the investments into that start-up from all the participating individual investors on The SPV is then a single new shareholder in that start-up. The SPV issues notes that are directly pegged and in lockstep with the value development of the start-up you invested in.

The following step-by-step tutorial guides you through the process of becoming an investor on

  1. Selecting a project:
    Explore the investment opportunities on through a broad array of information available for each project including a company description and project video, investment teaser, securities Prospectus, and a news section.
  2. Initiate signing process:
    Once you have chosen an investment, click the “Invest” button and follow the instructions in the investment process. We recommend you enter your complete bank details (IBAN, BIC and securities account number) at this stage to ensure that the securities can be posted to your account without any issues. You will of course be able to amend this information later.
  3. Verifying your identity: 
    If this is your first investment on, you will be asked to verify your identity via IDNow. Online video identification is free of charge and works on all devices including mobile devices. You will receive confirmation of successful identification shortly afterwards.
  4. Concluding data input:
    After concluding your data input in the tool and accepting all terms via the button, you will receive a confirmation email with all information regarding your investment.
  5. Transferring money:
    The email will include bank transfer instructions. To finalise your investment, you are required to transfer the investment amount to a clearing account of the trustee bank within of signing.
  6. Depositing securities:
    Owning a securities account is mandatory when signing an investment. Your investment is completed upon receipt of the money by the trustee bank. This is when the notes are registered to your securities account.
  7. Receiving company updates:
    The company you invested in will keep you apprised of any recent developments.You will have the right to vote in shareholder resolutions and will receive an email each time a ballot is open.
Opening offer: the minimum investment amount is €500 in the introduction phase. From January 1, 2020 the minimum investment will be increased to €1,000.

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