Andreas is far from a rookie when it comes to Aescuvest though. In fact, he was a founding member and investor of Aescuvest in 2014 since he thought that capital markets business needed an update in the digital age. While he had previously advised the platform, Andreas now goes all in and heads Aescuvest’s operations.

What Does a COO Do?

With his extensive background in investment banking, the married father of a 1-year-old son is perfectly suited to both further expanding the involvement of institutional investors and tackling regulatory matters. Also, Andreas will focus on further streamlining processes that will enable Aescuvest to meet its goals and growth target. His international expertise and his know-how will make a difference.

So, “Who is Andreas?” you may ask. Let’s find out!

Been There, Done That

Educated in Marburg and Constance, he explored the financial sector after graduating with a law degree. At Pioneer Investments, where he was part of the Legal/Compliance Department from 2008 until 2012, he worked together with institutional clients to conceive and structure specialized investment funds, a position he also held at the Frankfurt branch of the Bank of New York Mellon, along with the role of a Compliance and Anti-money Laundering (AML) Officer between 2012 and 2014. Subsequently, he served as Managing Director at MainFirst Group, a Frankfurt-based investment boutique, while simultaneously having overall responsibility for group-wide Compliance and AML at MainFirst’s divisions in Switzerland, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Luxembourg and New York.

The Manager/Entrepreneur

On September 1, Andreas took over as COO of Aescuvest. What motivates him about his new position is that in his new role, he is able to both contribute his substantial experience as a senior manager and realize his vision as an entrepreneur. And now that Aescuvest has expanded its activities across Europe, it is a no-brainer for both Aescuvest and Andreas to come aboard. A dual national and an avid European, Andreas is thrilled to help Aescuvest take the next step by establishing processes, policies and structures that will allow the transition from a startup to a pan-European VC-funding facilitator.

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