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36% of Americans think that success is determined by factors outside of our control while in Spain and France more than 50% thought this statement is true and in Germany staggering 72% are validating the statement.

Besides many other factors, this belief could correlate with the willingness of Americans to risk something cause in their heads every individual is responsible for its own happiness. The German risk-aversion for example was a major factor for choosing to be an employee instead an employer for most of the times. 

Innovation → Action → Excellence

Now, we are seeing two factors that are currently leading to a strong European start-up scene. First, this risk-aversion is starting to crumble, especially due to the awakening of many after a prolonged period of historical low interest rates. Without putting your money into slightly more risky ventures, getting any return on investment is unlikely in those times.

Secondly, modern appearances like the concept of digital health are now in a “post-innovation” phase. What does that mean? It got invented already. The innovation was born as a child of the information age. Especially the US took action and “failed fast” to do something with the idea of digital health. Many start-ups got born, are reaching astronomically high valuations nowadays and currently we are entering a new phase of digital health which we call “the phase of excellence” – this one takes place back in Europe.

The phase of excellence

It looks as if Europe is slowly waking up from its beauty sleep and giving us some impressive numbers to talk about. We are seeing a big increase in European healthcare funding from Q1 2021 to Q2 2021. Investments nearly doubled in just one quarter!

For such a short time frame, this is a rather big move and you might ask yourself: where is that coming from? While the correct question for an investor like you should be: where is this going?!

Exponential growth?

Let’s put it that way: digital health in Europe was ready to take off for quite some time. There are start-ups like Kry from Sweden, founded in 2014, now reaching a total disclosed funding of over €500M and becoming an unicorn by valuation. The British company CMR Surgical exists since 2014 and the latest round of funding, which values CMR at $3B, will help fuel international expansion of its Versius surgical robot and support development of new digital capabilities. Those companies took some years to get ready for take-off – but are definitely entering the orbit by now.
Many business models within the sector of digital health are either partially or entirely ready to scale exponentially at a certain point. If that point is reached, we’ll see astonishing valuations and investments coming in. This is starting to happen already. 

Where does all the money go?

Digital health is a trend that is just getting started. Big investors are seeing trends coming in advance – at the end, that’s their job, isn’t it? But now everyone starts to understand it. This is where risk-reward seems to be at its peak and therefore as well where you don’t want to miss out on opportunities.

News articles mentioning healthcare’s digital transformation as an indicator for the digital health trend

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