We at aescuvest are constantly on the move to establish contact with researchers, developers and young entrepreneurs. We often discover promising ideas long before they are ready to start financing via our platform. This also pays off for our investors.

As a young platform, we naturally seek contact and exchange with the biotech and medtech scene in order to make the new forms of public funding known throughout Europe via aescuvest.de and aescuvest.eu. At the same time, we are expanding our network within the healthcare sector and investors and start-ups who invest or finance via aescuvest benefit equally.

For start-ups, this means that they not only receive money and attention through the campaign, but also access to a unique network. This can open the doors to co-financers, business partners, clinics or users. Our constant exchange with experts and contact with the most important industry clusters ensures a supply of interesting applicants for the benefit of our investors. The international perspective allows us to better assess whether there might be a more promising approach for an innovative medical solution in another location.

To this end, we observe numerous start-up competitions and often play an active role in them. One example is the i3S-Hovione Capital Innovation Prize, which is awarded with the aim of promoting new medical products, diagnostic systems and technologies for health monitoring. Last week, not only our full-time start-up scout Jörg Diehl travelled to Porto, but also half the Investment Committee of aescuvest.eu, our pan-European financing platform due to launch shortly.

The award went to NeuroQ, a wearable that measures and evaluates impulse pressure stiffness in the process of deep brain stimulation (DBS). DBS is used for the neurosurgical treatment of Parkinson’s patients. For the development team from Porto, the award is an important confirmation that they are on the right track, in addition to prize money and reputation gains. And even if the development is still at a very early stage and therefore not yet suitable for funding via the platform, we will continue to monitor the project closely in the future. When the right time comes for funding via aescuvest.eu, we will not only be able to assess the medical benefits and market potential, but will also know the team behind it and will be able to better assess its entrepreneurial qualities.

New applicant tool for campaigns on aescuvest.eu

By the way, our new applicant tool is already available at startupnow.aescuvest.eu for all companies seeking funding via aescuvest.eu. The new pan-European platform enables a cross-border securities offering – and associated pan-European marketing for the campaign. Start-ups and growth companies can thus reach customers and users throughout the entire domestic market. The platform is open to companies with capital requirements of € 500,000 or more and up to € 1 million.

How to Invest in Healthcare?

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