The Aescuvest Team

  • Patrick is the founder and CEO — the mastermind behind aescuvest. He is a bioinformatics scientist with a passion to help society by pushing the frontiers of health with new ideas and products in Europe. First ambassador of the platform to both investors and innovators.

    Patrick Pfeffer, Ph.D.

    Founder & CEO

  • Andreas is a German qualified lawyer and bachelor professional of Investment has been working for several years in investment banking as well as in asset management and financial services business. Specialized in the fields of Capital Market Laws, Supervisory Laws and Risk Management.

    Andreas Kühnemund

    Managing Director & CFO

  • Ayla Haddenhorst

    Relationship Manager

  • Jörg is an active member in all important associations around Crowdfunding and has built a broad network across the entire start-up ecosystem. He also uses his excellent business relationships to bring various institutional investors on board in the run-up to the campaigns.

    Jörg Diehl

    Co-Founder & Head of Strategic Partnerships

  • Iva monitors, analyses and controls all marketing activities with a professional and fast reacting daily routine. Thanks to her, our company has a deep and detailed insight into all processes at any time, at any place. The optimization of the user experience is in her hands.

    Iva Duvnjak

    Performance Marketing Manager

  • Olivier represents the first generation of digital marketing experts. His cosmopolitan background and multilingualism embody the European spirit. The professional wealth of experience from his time with digital and media market leaders predestines him for our new paths in marketing.

    Olivier Gracia


  • Frank is a top advisor in recommending suitable finance strategies and fostering relationships to the publics. As an objective and unbribable analyst, he possesses an instinctive understanding and great sense by preparing companies for talking to investors.

    Frank Schwarz

    Head of Start-up Relations

  • Christoph embodies the second, even more ambitious generation of the digital age. His excellent skills and special qualities enable him to be a self-reliant and precise manager of our start-up projects. He controls all steps before, during and after the campaign.

    Christoph Bartoschek

    Startup Relations Manager

  • Christine manages all personal contacts and answers questions from investors about campaigns and projects. Her professional qualification consists of a unique mixture: On the one hand she is a number and data driven fund specialist, on the other hand she works with the empathy of a pedagogically trained mental trainer.

    Christine Schmieder

    Investor Relations Manager

  • André is our expert on all issues concerning digital multichannel marketing strategies. He knows everything from operating online to conversion ratios. André is the decisive communicator when it comes to informing and supporting the most important investors.

    André Schulze

    General Manager

  • Lucy belongs to the highly motivated second generation of digitization. She is taught the basics of the investment business in her daily routine. She helps wherever customers and potential investors need support in digitally controlled processes. Questions and information are collected and channelled by her.

    Lucy Emmel

    Investor Relations Associate

  • Christoph translates all contents and thoughts into our common language. His design and creative skills form the basis of our corporate philosophy, in order to serve the unique image both internally and externally. Also called 'head of good ideas'.

    Christoph Maria Severin

    Creative Director