• Founder & CEO

    Dr. Patrick Pfeffer

    Patrick is the founder and CEO — the mastermind behind aescuvest. He is a bioinformatics scientist with a passion to help society by pushing the frontiers of health with new ideas and products.

    First ambassador of the platform to both investors and innovators. He is a high-profile, international expert for systemic marketing and strategic partnerships.

  • CFO

    Dieter Kern

    Dieter is our finance guru. He helps establish even the most complex start-ups by arranging financing. He knows how to create the attractive but balanced terms between business needs of the start-up and the expectations of return-oriented investors. Employing individually tailored business models, Dieter manages to project sustainable business success on the basis of a simple idea.

  • General Manager

    André Schulze

    André is our expert on all issues concerning multichannel marketing strategies. He knows everything from operating online to conversion ratios. André is a virtuoso social media player conducting “likes and shares” in order to push start-ups into the limelight. Always success-oriented, he is the person responsible for implementing the start-up action plans and as such your closest buddy during the preparation and execution of crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Head of Strategic Partnerships

    Jörg Diehl

    Jörg started investing in equity-based crowdfunding as early as 2012 and over time became one of the most active crowd investors with more than 60 projects in all kinds of sectors and company stages (start-ups, SMEs, environmental projects, etc.). Being an active member in associations such as the German Crowdfunding Network, Deutscher Crowdsourcing Verband e.V., Bundesverband Crowdfunding e.V., Rhein-Main Start-ups, etc. he has built a broad network across the entire start-up ecosystem in Germany, expanding into the EU.

  • Head of Startup Relations

    Frank Schwarz

    Frank is the perfect mix of critical observer, objective analyst and experienced investor. He is a top advisor in recommending suitable finance strategies and fostering relationships to the publics. Since the beginning of the Internet era, Frank has constantly been involved in preparing companies for talking to investors. He possesses the ideal character traits — an instinctive understanding and great sense for disproportionate risks in supporting both sides: inventors and investors.

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