Independent experts ensure excellence.

The assessment by the Investment Committee is the linchpin for project approval. The Committee’s decisions are always preceded by an analysis whereby the pros and cons are carefully weighed. For whatever reason, their “no” decision is binding.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Gonçalo Rebelo de Andrade, Ph.D. / MBA

    He is the rare mix of academics and practical operator. One who doesn’t talk, but tackles. One whose experiences benefits all. Entrepreneur and manager by conviction. He knows the way to show others how to succeed anyway and how they learn to fight for their idea: “Most people did not know how close they had come to their goal just as they were giving up.” Such guys give courage! This is the reason why aescuvest is lucky to have him on board. Southern temperament and irrepressible optimism are his trademarks.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Clemens Bulitta, MD and Professor of Medicine

    Prof. Dr. Clemens Bulitta is the perfectionist: physician, surgeon and scientist as well as teacher and top manager in the international healthcare sector. It is a truly impressive combination of expertise in vari-ous fields of medical engineering that he has acquired at some of the most renowned universities of the world. Sound in theory, Prof. Dr. Bulitta has a decade of experience working for an international-ly leading med-tech corporation and maintains an excellent network in the business sector.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Mynia Deeg, Ph.D. in Political Sciences

    Dr. Mynia Deeg is a unique specialist with a 360° view of digital health. She knows how to manage interfaces between future-oriented concepts and technical needs. Dr. Deeg analyses the main obstacles between ingenious inventions and commercial success. Her realistic assessment allows her to evaluate demand and prospects for every start-up idea in the digital health world.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Franz Friedl, MBA

    Independent guardian of standards and senior supervisor. Over 30 years of far-reaching experience in leading financial centers; positions in Europe, Asia and U.S. – thus broad international expertise in Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Hedge Funds combined with in-depth knowledge of emerging markets. Franz Friedl is a keen strategic thinker with the ability to ensure impact and implementation of appropriate policies. With regards to the partnership between aescuvest and EIT Health, he will monitor and support also operational processes.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Udo Janssen, Ph.D., MD, MBA, LL.B.

    Independent guardian of standards and senior supervisor to secure all business processes. Over 30 years of far-reaching experience in leading financial centers. Senior positions in Europe, Asia and U.S. Broad international expertise in Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Hedge Funds. In-depth knowledge of Emerging Markets, establishment of new companies, special structures and operations as well as restructuring and re-alignment. Strategic thinking and implementation of ensuing policies. M&A experience through acquisitions as wells as disposals of business units.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Andreas Kühnemund, Lawyer

    German qualified lawyer and bachelor professional of Investment has been working for several years in investment banking as well as in asset management and financial services business. Specialized in the fields of Capital Market Laws, Supervisory Laws and Risk Management. He has profound knowledge of corporate governance and compliance standards, is highly experienced in the development of financial products and very focused on details.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Shari Langemak, Ph.D. / MBA

    A physician and a digital health strategist. She graduated in medicine, gained practical experience in Lon-don and Shanghai, and finished her PhD in the field of psychiatry. Shari also holds the MBA degree from IE Business School in Madrid. Her talks and lectures are mainly concerned about opportunities and chal-lenges of an ongoing digitalization. As Director for Innovation & Business Development at the Swiss clinic cereneo, Shari works on new digital tools and care processes.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Thomas Schlegel, Professor of Law

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Schlegel is a lawyer and lecturer on medical law in the field of health and pharmaceutical economics. He is an expert with an in-depth knowledge of legal pitfalls and market entry barriers. A specialist in optimising business models for the healthcare sectors, Prof. Dr. Schlegel ensures that potential reimbursement of product is secured, property rights are safeguarded, limits assessed and the opportunities of legal permissibility are recognised. He is a constructive analyst when it comes to rating the chances of success in the field of medical services and pharmaceuticals.

  • Member of the Investment Committee

    Andreas Schmidt, Ph.D.

    A multi-disciplinary specialist connecting expertise in Biochemistry, Immunology, Bioengineering and Cell Theraphies. He has been awarded scholarships and is the winner of several renowned international awards. As a serial entrepreneur he is creating, supporting and funding a new generation of biotech start-ups being deeply rooted in the technology and finance ecosystems of both Asia and Europe. Aescuvest is honoured to have him as part of the Committee.

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