Investment Committee

  • He is the rare mix of academics and practical operator. Entrepreneur and manager by conviction. He knows the way to show others how to succeed and how to fight for their idea: "Most people did not know how close they had come to their goal just as they were giving up." Such guys give courage!

    Gonçalo Rebelo de Andrade, Ph.D. / MBA

  • Clemens is a physician, surgeon and scientist as well as teacher and top manager in the international healthcare sector. Expertise in various areas of medical technology, especially with interfaces to the promising marketability of products His opinion and his judgment carries weight.

    Clemens Bulitta, MD and Professor of Medicine

  • Taj is an emergency physician and the Director of the Centre for AI-Learning and immersive Technology in Emergency Care (CAILTEC) in Leeds, UK. The program as it evolves will aim to transform emergency health care by applying the latest technological approaches. When it comes to the future of our health, no one is more passionate than he is.

    Tajek Hassan, Ph.D.

  • Udo is regarded as a reliable supervisor for safeguarding strictly regulated business processes in the healthcare sector. Having already held senior positions worldwide, he has correspondingly broad expertise in emerging markets, plus M&A experience through acquisitions and divestments of business units.

    Udo Janssen, Ph.D., MD, MBA, LL.B.

  • Shari is a physician and an internationally recognized digital health strategist. Her talks and lectures are mainly concerned about opportunities and challenges of an ongoing digitalization. Hardly anyone knows more about future developments and the leap in technology from analogue to digital health than she does.

    Shari Langemak, Ph.D. / MBA

  • Thomas is a lawyer and lecturer on medical law in the field of health and pharmaceutical economics. An expert with knowledge of legal pitfalls and market entry barriers. A specialist in optimising business models for the healthcare sectors and a constructive analyst when it comes to rating the chances of success.

    Thomas Schlegel, Professor of Law

  • Andreas is a real multi-disciplinary specialist connecting expertise in Biochemistry, Immunology, Bioengineering and Cell Theraphies. He has been awarded scholarships and is the winner of several renowned international awards. As a serial entrepreneur he is creating, supporting and funding a new generation of biotech start-ups.

    Andreas Schmidt, Ph.D.

  • Martin is a lawyer and expert in a broad range of corporate finance, private equity and venture capital transactions. He has a long track record in early as well as later stage fundraisings, capital markets and legal investor relations with a focus on the life sciences sector. He gives fair and objective assessments to all participants, combined with his own subjective recommendations.

    Martin Böttger, Ph.D.

  • Ida is Co-Head of a private investment partnership of women principals from the Gulf region. She serves as Member of the Board, Trustee, Advisor and Expert to various profit- and non-profit organisations around the globe. She knows people's needs and actively works with others to find solutions to as many problems as possible.

    Ida Beerhalter