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  • 25.02.2019

    Eit Health Sends Five Start-Ups to Pitch at European Life Sciences CEO Forum

    SCIENCEBUSINESS:NET: Today, the 12th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum kicks off in Zurich, Switzerland. Organised by Sachs Associates, the forum seeks to encourage investment, partnering and alliance building among members of the life sciences industry.

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  • 10.02.2019

    And the Winner Is…

    If you want to find the most exciting health start-ups from all over Europe, you cannot simply hide in your office and wait for an opportunity to come knocking on your door.

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  • 30.01.2019

    Equity Crowdfunding for Biotech Startups: Does It Work?

    Over the last decade, crowdfunding has become a popular way to finance all sorts of projects and products. Biotech is no exception …

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  • 18.12.2018

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    It’s a nice custom to open a door on your advent calendar once a day – but why would you limit this experience to just Advent? Our goal is to push many doors open throughout the year…

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  • 18.09.2018

    Investment Crowdfunding Platform Aescuvest Goes Pan European for Healthcare Sector

    CROWDFUNDINGINSIDER: aescuvest, a Germany-based investment crowdfunding platform, has announced it will now operate on a pan-European basis …

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  • 18.09.2018

    First Pan-European Equity Crowdfunding

    aescuvest and EIT Health Launch First Pan-European Equity Crowdfunding Platform for Healthcare. Pioneering project will enable start-ups to accelerate time-to-market for innovative health-related products and services.

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  • 01.12.2017

    Could This Cancer Drug Be Repurposed as the Next Big HIV Treatment?

    LABIOTECH: While treating an HIV-infected patient for lung cancer, a cancer drug caused a “drastic and persistent decrease” in viral reservoirs, raising hopes of a new HIV treatment …

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