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  • 13.09.2019

    Former Investment Banker Andreas Kuehnemund Appointed COO of Aescuvest

    Right after the successful implementation and launch of Aescuvest’s pan-European platform in late August, 40-year-old Andreas Kuehnemund was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company.

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  • 10.09.2019

    What a Surgeon Thinks of Surge-on Medical’s Technology

    Innovation just for the sake of innovation is not valuable anymore. The current developments in healthcare must meet a specific market need or fulfill the needs of patients and surgeons.

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  • 07.09.2019

    What Qualifies a Start-Up to Start a Funding Campaign on Aescuvest.eu?

    It is our aim to enable investors to participate in funding best-in-class healthcare-innovators in Europe. We would like to describe the selection process the start-ups running a campaign on the platform are subject to. A key part of this process is our co-operation with EIT Health.

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  • 07.09.2019

    Who Can Invest on Aescuvest.eu?

    We would like to inform you about the scope of the Aescuvest.eu offering.

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  • 06.09.2019

    A Researcher’s Perspective on Surge-on Medical’s Steerable Platform Technology

    Can simplicity and elegance be detrimental in surgical instruments? What is our platform technology’s potential? Why are we the first to craft such an elegant system?

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  • 05.09.2019

    How Does the Investment Process Work?

    With your registration to Aescuvest.eu you will be one step closer to investing in promising health start-ups from all over Europe.

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  • 03.09.2019

    Welcome – a Brief Introduction to Aescuvest’s Offering

    Welcome to the first pan-European funding platform to open curated venture investment opportunities in healthcare companies across Europe to investors.

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  • 28.08.2019

    Now Open for Investments: Surge-On Medical Targets to Raise up to €5 Million

    "Scaling and Driving Digital Health Innovation in Europe to the Next Level." This is not only the motto of yesterday's premiere celebration for the launch of Aescuvest.eu, the first pan-European financing platform in the health sector, but rather the goal that we at Aescuvest are pursuing with the launch of our equity crowdfunding platform.

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  • 25.08.2019

    The Lucky 5 Percent: How Startups Are Selected on Aescuvest.eu

    Today, we would like to offer you a peek behind the scenes and detail how aescuvest selects the companies and projects that we host on our site.

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  • 15.08.2019

    Surge-on Medical’s Innovation and Its Market Potential

    An innovative technology is only useful as long as it fulfills a market need and provides real value to its users. In this regard, we had a talk with Mr. Bart and Niels van Straten, Board of Directors of Van Straten Medical.

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  • 13.08.2019

    The Investor’s Yield: Of High Risks and High Rewards

    Today, we would like to introduce you to the aescuvest investment offering. Let’s take a look at the benefits first, but not neglect the risks.

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  • 12.08.2019

    Surge-on Medical: From the Netherlands to Europe

    Hello from Benno, Tim and Audry, from the Netherlands! These are exciting times for healthcare innovations. Every day you are reading about amazing new technologies and equipment that are solving issues that seemed insolvable only a few years ago.

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