Garage sale or global scale – Crowdfunding gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to attract the attention of investors and to benefit from their willingness to provide funds, as well as their contacts and expertise. All of this is offered in return for an equity share over a fixed period of time. The detailed terms and conditions are listed in a standard investment contract in order to keep transactions costs as low as possible. To avoid complex situations in fundamental decision making processes, the crowd speaks with one voice represented by a professional trustee.

aescuvest Plus offers more than money and interest

For the initiator of a campaign, crowdfunding through aescuvest means more than just financing a business idea. By focussing on companies and ideas in the health sector, we can contribute much more to making your endeavour successful.

aescuvest campaign = financing + marketing + sales

A large proportion of the investors registered with aescuvest are active in the health sector. They thus bring along the best qualifications for understanding and evaluation of a business idea. Their background helps them to correctly classify the existing needs, obstacles and opportunities for new products and services. And, because your investors are potential users or customers, the aescuvest Plus formula can also be defined as:

aescuvest investor = investor + ambassador + customer

Yet, that’s not all. In addition, we currently reach approx. 536,000 healthcare professionals, experts and companies in different fields and sectors across Europe. This allows you to use your campaign as a targeted marketing instrument. A campaign on aescuvest is thus both a capital injection and a catalyst to help successfully launch your product on the market.

EIT Health

EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide to promote suitable future conditions for healthy living, active ageing and improved wellbeing of people across Europe.


A network of over 500 companies, 65 hospitals and 80 research facilities.


It is the leading social network for physicians and includes more than 536,000 members across Europe.

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